is one of the best opportunities to let your creativity shine! Whether you dress up as a movie monster, comic book character, or just something funny, we love seeing costume ideas come to life.

Our Favorite Halloween Getups

Have the most popular costumes changed with the times? We asked some of our team members about their best outfits from the past:   

Our hygienist, Emily, dressed as Pocahontas for Halloween when she was five year old. Emily says this was her favorite costume because she loved the movie “Pocahontas” and because her mother made her costume for her. She remembers her mother spending hours sewing and painting the details. She even had a trick-or-treat bag made to match! And when people complimented her costume, Emily loved telling them her Mom made it for her!

Kyla, our receptionist, dressed as a genie for Halloween when she was four years old. Pink was her favorite color. Her favorite part of Halloween was trick-or-treating to the dentist’s house because she gave glow-in-the dark toothbrushes!


Onto more modern times: check out this adorable little monster!
Our hygienist, Kelli, dressed her son, Westyn, as Sulley from one of his favorite movies, “Monsters, Inc.”. He got to wear this costume to Boo at the Zoo, his daycare Halloween   party, and trick-or-treatingI bet he raked in the treats in that adorable get-up!

Do You Need A Last-Minute Costume Idea? Try This One Out!    

  What Are Your Halloween Plans?

Are you more into the spooky or the silly side of Halloween? No matter what your traditions are, have fun with friends and family and stay safe! Trick-or-treaters: go in a group, watch for cars and carry a flashlight.

Thanks for being our valued patients and friends. Have a happy Halloween!


And here’s To Your Health!