For the second installment of the “Meet the Staff” series, we interview our dental assistant, Emelia. 

1) How long have you been working in dentistry?

“I’ve been a dental assistant for 12 years.”

2) What inspired you to pursue your career?

“I wouldn’t say that I was inspired with my job, well at least not right away. My first year, I was just trying to remember all the procedures, but once I caught on I was very fascinated with learning as much as I could about the mouth. I feel like I landed my job by luck. I was 21 years old and had never worked in the dental field. I sent a resume and was called in for an interview. They offered me a position as a dental assistant, so I took it. I’ve loved it since the first day I started. ”

3) What is your favorite part of your job?

“My favorite part of my job would probably be making my patients feel comfortable as much as possible. It’s the little things: giving them a pillow and blanket for comfort, getting to know them on a more personal level, educating them on certain procedures, or just putting a smile on their faces are just a few of my favorite things I do.”

4) What are some of your hobbies?

“Some of my hobbies…Well, I’ve recently picked up golf, and it is so hard but my husband and kids love it…so why not! I love bike riding, acrylic painting and taking pictures of my family!”

5) Tell us one of your bad habits.

“One of my bad habits is that I ramble on about pretty much nothing! My husband hates it when I do that but once I start telling a story I want to describe in full detail, so I ramble on or so he says! I do that a lot!!!”