Halloween and candy go hand-in-hand.

No brainer. It’s so fun for kids. They don their costumes, knock on neighbors’ doors, yell “trick-or-treat,” and receive free candy. It’s fun for the children getting the candy, and it’s fun for the adults giving it out. Then the kids return home and devour their loot. Fun! Except for maybe the possible cavities and tummy aches that can follow.

Is there a way to keep the fun of trick-or-treating without the undesirable side effects?

Yes, actually! A nationwide event called Halloween Candy Buy Back pays trick-or-treaters $1 for 1 lb of their candy (up to 5 lbs per child). This event turns candy into cash! It’s a great way to prevent cavities and tummy aches. Kids can also use that money to buy something else that they might want to buy, such as, a toy. Another great benefit to this is that the candy is sent to our troops to thank them for their service.

The dentist who came up with the Halloween Candy Buy Back in 2005 wanted to put the candy he collected to good use.* Service men and women do a lot to keep our country safe, so what better way to show support for the troops by sending care packages full of candy? It’s a way to make their lives a little bit better and let them know that we’re thinking of them here at home. Service men and women also hand out candy to local children. This helps them create relationships with local kids to form friendships and trust, which is a good way to ensure a safer environment for the service men and women.

When is it and where can you get cash for your candy?

This year, we will be holding a Halloween Candy Buy Back event at Dr. McVey’s office on Wednesday, November 1. The address is 2501 Campus Dr Suite 100, Garden City, KS. Kids from the area can bring in their candy anytime between 8 AM and 5 PM. We’ll weigh the candy, and for every 1 lb, we’ll pay $1. (There is a limit of 5 lbs per child.) We’ll also supply paper and writing supplies so that anyone can write a letter to the troops. Operation Shoe Box will be sending the candy from all the Halloween Candy Buy Back events from the country overseas.

According to halloweencandybuyback, the combined weight of collected candy over the years amounts to over 130 tons. We could say that that’s more than a success! Come and help us make this a year a success by bringing in candy while showing your gratitude to our service men and women. You won’t regret it.

*Information from the “About” page at halloweencandybuyback.com