Advances in dental care sometimes border on the miraculous.

Not so very long ago the thought of being able to replace missing teeth with something permanent without requiring major work to the adjacent teeth seemed like the stuff of science fiction. But today, not only is this possible but it is a routine, every day procedure that has restored thousands of people to more attractive smiles, better chewing, and improved quality of life!

Missing a tooth or teeth can be embarrassing…

Especially if the missing tooth shows! This can lead to self-consciousness in social situations. And this can definitely have a negative impact on relationships and overall satisfaction with life. Missing teeth can also affect the ability to chew, and it may no longer be possible to enjoy some foods that have always brought pleasure in the past. A missing tooth can also cause the teeth around it to shift or move into the space left by the missing tooth and this can lead to both cosmetic and chewing problems. Once a tooth is lost the bone in that area begins to be lost. This can create a major problem for denture patients because as the bone is lost there is less and less to hold a denture and that means very inefficient chewing and, many times, chronic problems with sore spots.

Whether a single tooth is missing or all the teeth are missing, dental implants, in most instances, can successfully address all of the above issues. And with recent advances in 3 dimensional x-rays and digital impressions, often an implant can be extremely accurately placed without an incision or sutures. Most patients report that having an implant placed is easier than having a tooth removed.

Dental implants are a wonderful option for:

  • replacing missing teeth
  • restoring the ability to chew beloved foods
  • and to get your smile back!