The doctor's guide to dental appointments

The doctor's guide to dental appointments

For today's blog, Dr. McVey's granddaughter, Lily, plays the doctor. 

She walks us through what to expect when coming to our office.

We have also provided the transcript for the video down below, if you find it hard to understand what she is saying. Enjoy!

Transcript of the Video:

Lily (speaking to the camera): Hi I’m Dr. Lily, have you ever wondered what to expect at your dentist’s office? Do you have some fears that make it hard for you to come in? Let’s go ahead and make your visit to our office easy and comfortable

Lily (speaking to camera): This is Randy and for this video, he’ll be my patient. I’m first going to count his teeth with this dental explorer and the mirror. (speaking to Dr. McVey) Do you have any questions before I start, Randy?

Dr. McVey: How many teeth do I have?

Lily: Good question! Let's find out. (She counts his teeth with the dental explorer) (Speaking to Dr. McVey) You have 24 teeth.

Lily (speaking to camera): During a visit, you’ll also learn how to properly brush your teeth. (now speaking to Dr. McVey). Do you want me to show you the proper way to brush your teeth, Randy?

Dr. McVey: Sure.

Lily: Well, the best way to brush your teeth is to brush your teeth two times a day for 2 minutes. Make sure you wait 30 minutes after eating to brush, because your enamel will be too soft after a while. We don’t want you to brush the enamel away.

Dr. McVey: What about flossing?

Lily: Good question; it’s best to floss once a day.

Lily (speaking to camera): We’ll also take x-rays at your dental appointment. (speaking to Dr. McVey) Okay, Randy. Do you mind stepping up here?

Dr. McVey: Like this?

Lily: Yeah.

(takes x-rays)

Lily (speaking to camera): Another thing that kids, and some adults, will do at the dentist’s office is a fluoride treatment. This is important, because fluoride helps prevent cavities.

Lily: We hope that we have helped you know what to expect when you come to our visit, and we look forward to seeing you in the office.

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