Along with crowns, dental implants, and bridges, we also offer dentures as a solution to missing teeth. While dentures are not real teeth, they do replace them. The different kinds of dentures are:

  • Conventional Full Dentures
  • Immediate Full Dentures
  • Partial Dentures

Conventional full dentures are used when all of the teeth have been extracted and need replacing. The gums are given time to heal before these dentures are worn. It may take up to a few months for the tissue to heal before its ready for conventional dentures.

Immediate full dentures are used immediately after the teeth have been extracted as the name suggests. Dr. McVey will take your measurements before removing any teeth to make sure that the fit will be just right. Unlike the conventional dentures, you can have teeth right away. However, the dentures will need to be readjusted as the gums and tissue heals

Partial dentures partially replace any extracted teeth. Not all of the teeth will be removed. Only the missing teeth will need to be replaced by this kind of denture. 

It may take time to get used to the feeling and use of dentures. They may feel bulky or loose.  If you give it time, you will grow used to the way the dentures feel, how it affects speech, and how to eat with them.  Everything new feels different at first and may not be easy, but with practice, it becomes easier. This concept applies to wearing dentures, as well.

When caring for your new dentures, it is good to remember that they need to be brushed and cared for like real teeth. You can then place them in a glass of room-temperature water or a denture cleaning solution. CAUTION; Hot water could warp them, so only use water at room-temperature! Be careful not to drop them as they could possibly break. If you need any assistance, give us a call as soon as possible. 


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