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help to maintain your beautiful smile and optimal oral health.


Regular hygiene visits are essential for your best oral health, and our dental hygienists help you achieve your most beautiful smile. They provide the highest quality care and knowledge to help you care for your teeth. If you have any questions about your home dental regimen, they will be happy to provide you with answers, information, and education.

Your gums are just as vital as your teeth when it comes to your oral health. We offer periodontal services as well as the typical hygiene visits. We also refer to specialists if needed. Feel free to ask any questions about our periodontal care.


Scaling and root planing helps us remove any buildup of plaque on our patients with periodontal disease. We remove the plaque on the teeth and gums with a fine ultrasonic tip. Once it is removed, your teeth will be smoother and cleaner and the periodontal ligaments can reattach. Before the procedure, we may prescribe an antibiotic or prescribed mouth rinse to get the periodontal bacteria under control. We will take great care of you, and you can rest assured that your comfort is our priority. Oftentimes, patients experience very little pain after the procedure.


One of the best ways to maintain optimal oral health is to prevent issues before they start. While we may not be able to prevent all dental health problems, we can catch them early before they become untreatable. So, it is important that we perform oral cancer screenings regularly to find any early signs.

We use a VELscope® in our cancer oral screenings. This tool shines an ultraviolet light into the mouth showing abnormalities that may point to cancer.

You can learn more about the VELscope® here.


Did you know that to prevent cavities, it isn’t enough to take good care of your dental hygiene? Cavities and tooth decay are caused by a bacterial infection. The bacteria thrives in an acidic environment in your mouth. Flossing, brushing, and regular dentist visits may not completely get rid of the harmful bacteria alone. It can still flourish.

However with CariFree®, we can now prevent the development of cavities—aka dental caries. CariFree® utilizes ph+ technology which neutralizes the oral acidity and treats the infection. This gives us an alternative to treating caries rather than waiting for the decay to worsen and default to fillings for treatment.

Dr. McVey examines your oral health to see if you may be at-risk for cavities, and he may recommend that you use CariFree® to prevent their development before caries worsen.

If tooth decay is allowed to go without treatment for too long, the harder it is to treat and the more difficult the treatment options become. Root canals and crowns may be needed.

CariScreen is a quick 1-minute test to see your susceptibility to cavities. The results show whether you are low risk (1-1500) or high risk (1501-9999). Dr. McVey will make a CariFree® recommendation for treatment based on your personal risk.

The CariFree® products are easy to use. They have simple instructions to follow, and they make it simple to prevent and fight off cavities.


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