Root Canals

Do you have an infected tooth? We can treat that!


Root canals have become infamous for being scary, and while they may be an intimidating procedure for you to think about, it may save your tooth or teeth. Root canal therapy has grown to be one of the most widely used procedures of endodontics—endodontics involves procedures that treat the nerves of the teeth. An infection may be located in the nerves of the tooth, which can cause pain, facial swelling, etc. If the infected nerve is not extracted, it may develop into an abscess which is a worse problem. The result may be bone loss of the jaw, which many patients wish to avoid. This calls for a root canal!

The procedure begins with a local anesthetic applied to the surrounding area numbing it. Dr. McVey will drill down into the pulp space making a canal. He can remove the infected nerve and clean out the infection. Then, a sealant made of gutta percha will fill in the opening. Root canals may require a crown to be placed over the tooth to ensure that the root canal is successful, as well as, improving the look of the tooth. All good as new!

Root canals do not have to be a scary treatment. The advances in dental technology have made it easier and less painful. Over the counter pain medications are usually sufficient to mitigate any pain. Once the tooth has healed, you will notice how much easier it is to eat your favorite foods. No more pain! What’s better than that?


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