A Scenic Overview

A Scenic Overview

I took this photograph last fall when I was in Zurich, Switzerland taking an advanced course on dental implants at the University of Zurich. What a beautiful city Zurich is and what a beautiful country Switzerland is!                                                               

There’s just something about a scenic overview that takes my breath away. There’s nothing like stepping back and looking at the bigger picture to give some perspective and, hopefully, a sense of direction. 

I have been writing about dental cavities (we call them caries) and how important it is to assess your individual risk of caries and then devising a plan to reduce that risk. I have mentioned a six step caries management program and in this blog I will give the scenic overview, if you will, of this program. I will give more detail on each step in blogs to follow.

Here we go! 

As I discussed in the last blog, before beginning the caries management program, it is important to perform a risk assessment. After the risk is complete, we go through the following steps, tailoring each step to your individual risk management needs.

1.      Remove all existing decay (caries).

2.      Place sealants to protect chewing surfaces of back teeth.

3.      Fluoride application.

4.      Treatment rinse twice a day for one month.

5.      Adjunctive therapy to manage bacteria, areas at risk for decay, dry mouth, etc.

6.      Continuous care. In-office: caries risk assessment, fluoride, cleaning, etc. At-home: proper brushing technique, the correct toothpaste for your needs, dry mouth management, maintenance rinse, etc.

The goal

At the end of the day, my goal (the big picture, the scenic overview) is to make you healthier and give you a great smile! Life is full of joyful moments such as this one with two of my beautiful daughters. The smiles say it all!

 Isn’t there just something about a smile that’s contagious? Together we can make yours healthy and happy.

 Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more details on the six steps.