Meet the Staff: Dr. McVey

Meet the Staff: Dr. McVey

For the third installment of the “Meet the Staff” series, we interview Dr. McVey.

1) How long have you been working as a dentist?

I graduated from dental school at Oral Roberts University in 1983. So that means I’ve been working as a dentist for 34 years…and I still love it!

2) What inspired you to pursue your career?

Well, when I was a kid I thought the dentist had the best toys. Still kind of feel that way. In college, I wanted a caring career that was people focused and that would allow time for family. The more I explored possible careers, the more dentistry seemed like the best fit.

3) What is your favorite part about your job?

The people! I love that I see my patients on a regular basis and get to know them and their families. I love working with awesome staff members that care about our patients and make coming to work a pleasure. I love the opportunity to have a very positive impact on a patient’s life whether it’s more self-confidence or comfort or improved overall health.

4) What are some of your hobbies?

I enjoy singing, playing guitar and piano, and riding my motorcycle. I love spending time with my family and friends. In fact, the sweetest thing in life is being a Papi–that’s what my grandkids call me!

5) How would you describe your fashion sense?

I’d probably have to describe my fashion sense as “geezer nerd”. My primary question when shopping for clothes? “Is it comfortable?”